3 Song EP

by Green Light Silhouette

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The 3 Song EP features the first two tracks "Walk Away" and "Next Stop, Alderaan". Both of these tracks will be on our future full length album that we are currently in the process of recording as of the release of this EP. The third track on the EP is a bonus track, never performed, acoustic version of our song "Particle Fog". The regular version of Particle Fog will be featured on the upcoming album as well!

So for now, enjoy these 3 songs!

Download them for free if you would like! If you do wish to donate for the download, then that will help us in the recording process of our next album.


released July 2, 2014

Neal Mckenzie: Vocals/Guitar
Ryan Macauley: Bass/Vocals
Nick Yañez: Lead Guitar
Joel Heun: Drums



all rights reserved


Green Light Silhouette Santa Rosa, California

We are all the same age: Super young, and we are really strong. We are also very smart at music. . .

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Track Name: Walk Away
I still remember when things changed
We're side by side, and yet so estranged
Why did you vanish... why did you vanish away?

You fell down so hard, and I was there
Your legs stood back up, and ran from the cares
Why did you vanish... why did you vanish away?

And I'll just watch as this door shuts
Since when did friendship consist of space and time?
And I'll remember it fondly
So I can find peace tonight.

There's nothin' wrong when I see you
We've been here for so long, I can read you
The pages they say, we had a great one
So I'll just turn and watch as you walk away...
Track Name: Next Stop, Alderaan.
A man so lost in space, only turned his face.
Others fell, he said 'Oh well, at least that wasn't me or Chewie'.

A man on the run, never done with his blaster gun
Grab my vest, I gotta make twelve parsecs
The Kessel Run, ya she's the best.

You need a ride with that kid and those droids outside
Alright gramps, your money's ok with me,
But Greedo's down, so we gotta flee!

Run up the hatch,
Their marching in the docking bay today,
shooting, every laser gone astray

Let's start her up, she's not a piece of trash!

I will never change
To change is to be strange
So hold on tight, it's a shaky flight
Next stop is Alderaan.

Where is this place deep in space that you've taken us?
I just see rocks.
I've got a bad feeling about this...
Is that a star, or is that a ship?

Why am I here in this suit on this man-made gun?
A princess freed, the money I will hug
And pay that slug for my life.

We got away
And we'll just be right on our way with pay,
Live to fight another day, they say.

Don't judge me kid, your mission's suicide!

I will never change
To change is to be strange
So hold on tight, it's a shaky flight
Next stop is Tatooine.

Now how could I leave?
These rebels they need me...
I need them, they're more than friends.
And she's my everything.